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How do we shape exciting IoT ideas into responsible products?

Thursday 12 December 10:15-13:00 14:00-16:30
Curated by Lorna Goulden
Facilitator: Mariagiulia Benato

Build a responsible business case

After a morning discussing a range of IoT product development strategies and new product innovations this track will shift the focus in the afternoon to the challenge of developing a viable and responsible business case. After a quick introduction to the IoT stack, from a business perspective, then assessing a hands-on example, participants will work together using a specially developed business modeling tool to develop a Responsible Business Case for one of the IoT propositions from the morning session.

The morning presentations are listed below:

Cayla Key | University of Dundee

Living with Things: Alternative human-thing translations

Cayla will talk about a project which explored living with the livelihood of data and connected things in peoples’ homes. As a way to be aware and present with how they are entangled in our home lives, and in what ways that might help us resist alienation and imagine futures where these things are more than mere assets. She will discuss what design challenges and opportunities arise from these findings and ask what other translations might we design for when considering the liveliness of humans and non-humans? What if we were able to translate authority, agency, and empowerment for example.

Sarah Kiden | University of Dundee

Sarah is a technologist and researcher, interested in how technology and society intersect. She is a Marie Curie Research Fellow on Open Design of Trusted Things (OpenDoTT), a joint PhD programme between the University of Dundee and Mozilla.  Through the OpenDoTT project, she hopes to explore possibilities for smaller-scale local Internet of Things (IoT) technology and how communities and neighbourhoods can be supported in making the best use of them.

She has researched and worked on projects that build, deploy, train and advocate for technology solutions and meaningful Internet access for grassroots communities. She was a 2017-2018 Ford-Mozilla fellow hosted by Research ICT Africa and working on broadband performance and Internet measurements.

Megan Anderson and Shay Raviv | STBY

Ask Me Anything (AMA) session about Design Research for Responsible IOT

Pioneering with responsible and ethical tech, and aiming to shape a positive future impact of connected products, also means making sure that the devices and services fit into the everyday lives of the people who will be using them. Design Research is a way to investigate and probe opportunities that make a meaningful, valuable difference in the lives of individual people, communities and society. Design Research integrates progressive understanding with creation and prototyping. There are many methods and tools to step into the shoes of future users for a while and explore how, from their perspective, new innovative and smart products and services could add value.

STBY is specialised in Design Research for Service Innovation. Their insights have informed and inspired many innovation projects, including connected products and machine learning. In this open format Ask-Me-Anything session they will try answer all questions from the IOT community on how to integrate Design Research into prototyping and development processes.

Maarten van Maarschalkerweerd  | Springtime

Geheugendeuntjes (Memory tunes)

New concept for a connected music player tailored for people with dementia.

Johanna Tiffe

Sustainable Open Source e-bike How could a human centered sustainable connected mobility look like? About the challenges of creating a sustainable open source e-bike and introduces the idea of e-bike.brain – wiki and communication platform for developers, supporters, enthusiasts.

Marcel Shouwenaar | The Incredible Machine

House.coop, a start-up that develops a concept for cooperative ownership of houses: WeOwnThisPlace.

Lorna Goulden | Internet of Things explorer

Workshop: Building a viable and responsible Internet of Things Business Case

After a morning of sharing and discussion on IoT product innovation, from user engagement and design research, to service development and prototyping of responsible IoT ideas. Lorna Goulden proposes to take these IoT product cases as a starting point for a hands-on workshop with constructive-critical discussion on the challenges of building a viable and responsible IoT business case.

Lorna has 20+ years’ experience working across a wide range of industries from smart city developments in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Barcelona to customer-centric strategies and technology-impact innovations for companies such as ASML, Cisco, DAF-trucks, Deutsche Telekom, NXP, Philips and Ziggo. She has written and spoken extensively about the Internet of Things and Smart Cities with a particular focus on the role of people and the impact on society. She organizes the Eindhoven Internet of Things Meetup community (1500+members) in the Netherlands and initiated the Eindhoven The Things Network community, joining a global initiative that is building citywide community-owned LoraWAN IoT urban data networks.

Program Day 1

Our program on Thursday the 12th

Day 1 of Thingscon 2019 we will shape the future narratives of the responsible IoT and beyond together. You can dive deep with peers, thought leaders, innovators, and researchers from the ThingsCon community and beyond:

Full program

Program Day 2

Our program on Friday the 13th

Day 2 of Thingscon 2019 is about the current state of the responsible IoT. You can get inspiration from thought leaders and practitioners from the field, get hands-on with the latest tools & insights and be part of the leading discours. To end Thingscon will present a State of the Responsible IoT in 2019:

Full program


12 / 13 December, Rotterdam

Date and time

Thursday, 12 dec. 2019, 09:00 – 19:00 (CET)
Friday, 13 dec. 2019, 09:00 – 20:00 (CET)


Het Nieuwe Instituut
25 Museumpark, 3015 CB Rotterdam (map)